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Common Strategies Used :-

When you arrive at your favourite online casino, your aim is to win, yeah you might have some fun along the way but at the end of the day you want to make money. Considering specific betting strategies when playing online roulette gives you more chance of making a return and they’re extremely straight forward so even the biggest drongo of the lot won’t get confused.

A few minutes on the web will tell you there are thousands of potential strategies out there but the ones we’re going to look at are all based on odds and the possibility or chance of the ball landing in the slot you need for a win. Everybody involved with roulette gaming agrees that the best way to up your chances of winning is to place your bets on groups of numbers rather than individuals. Here are three key strategies which increase the odds of winning:


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Twelve Number Bet

You place you bet on either side of the first, middle or last third of the grid on the table. Betting this way gives you the chance of winning equal to your bet back plus double. Put simply for every single $1 you put down it’s possible that you’ll win back another $1 plus $2 further from the casino, or House. That’s heaps of moolah coming your way.

Combined Bets

With this strategy you place a bet on a third of the grid and a specific colour – red or black. In a land-based casino you may hear this described as using insurance. It gives you the chance to either win on both the third and the colour or split the bets and gain a single win.

Long Shot Bets

Designed specifically for all you risk takers out there. With this strategy you place a bet on just one or two numbers on the grid. Sensible betting means you keep your stake low to avoid losing heaps of dosh but if you are lucky enough to win, the odds show that you’ll win big. Betting on one square will turn your single dollar into $35 for example.

Betting Systems

There are some tried and tested betting systems which you could use when playing online. These include both the risky Martingale and Grand Martingale systems which have proven to be the most popular systematic betting options out there.

The original Martingale system suggests that a player doubles their bet after each loss, which means when a win eventually comes the player will receive a profit equal to their original bet. However, this is a high risk strategy as you need to bet significantly more than you are winning as your bet doubles on each loss. The Grand Martingale system is even more risky as rather than simply doubling your bet you also add a further unit, so if you bet $5, you’d double your bet to $10 and add a further $5, until you hit your win.

Other systems include Laboucher, d’Alembert, Oscars Grind and the Shotwell System, most of which require more calculation and thought than the Martingales and none of which are guaranteed to result in a big win of course.

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