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Other Variations of the Game :-

There are a range of different types of roulette you can enjoy online. The most popular variants of the game include video, virtual and live versions, but first let’s go back to basics. Traditionally there are two main types of the game: European and American.

The European version is not as popular as its American sister but still enjoys some success. Nearly the same as the American game, the major difference is that the European Wheel is missing the double zero. The house edge in this variation is around 2.63% which is less than half that of what you’ll find in American games.

The American version is by far the most popular version you’ll find online and features both single and double zero slots. This gives a larger house advantage which is probably why you find more casinos offering this version of the game.

As mentioned, there are two main online-specific variations of the game you can enjoy.

Live Variation

Perhaps one of the most fun and exhilarating online casino experiences, Live Roulette gives players the chance to enjoy a true casino atmosphere from their own home. It can be defined as games which are broadcast live to your computer, mobile phone or even television set. Live games have real croupiers who perform the same duties as those in a land-based casino.

As you play you can watch the croupier manually spin the wheel and they can engage verbally with yourself and other players at the table. It’s as close to a real casino experience as you’re going to get from your own home and it adds a fun social element to the game. The majority of casinos now offer a live lounge or area through which you can enjoy your favourite games in a live real time environment.

Standard Video/Virtual Variation

All non-live online games are described as video or virtual and there is no real difference between the two.  Utilising computer software designed specifically to bring you the best in roulette gaming, online games feature a fully functional table and wheel, in 2D or 3D graphics form. Numbers are generated via a random number generator.

The majority of casinos will offer at least one variation, although many have a wide range available. Some casinos offer Multi Wheel options with even more chances to win and further variations such as French Roulette, the game from which all variants originate from. Playing online gives you the chance to combine the fun and speed of online gaming with the class and elegance of one of the oldest, most prestigious casino games around.