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History of Roulette :-

With so many Aussie fans of roulette we thought we’d give you a little history lesson. At this website we want to ensure all our readers have all the info they could possibly need about their favourite game and this includes a closer look at its origins and development.

The game is one of the most glamorous and prestigious casino games out there and has been a top choice for fans of gambling and gaming since the 17th century. Legend has it that the game was discovered by complete accident in around 1655 by a French mathematician and physicist called Blaise Pascal. Pascal is more famous as the inventor of the first calculator but he also discovered the game when attempting to create a machine that was capable of perpetual motion. What he created was actually the first Roulette Wheel. The original game had house pockets, two slots for the bank and two dedicated betting spaces with two numbers in each. The board remained this way for nearly 200 years until it was modernised by Francois and Louise Blanc. The Blanc Brothers added in the iconic black and red colouration to the pockets and also popped in the green zero, as well as giving the coloured pockets their traditional numbers. There’s also the famous legend that the pair of inventors sold their souls to the devil to receive all the secrets of the game, which is said to be the reason why all the numbers on the wheel equal the ‘number of the Beast’ – 666, when added together. This adds even more glamour and allure to the popular game.

It was in the 1880s that the game soared in popularity, with casino halls across Europe offering it, however it became even more popular in the USA. In time the American version was developed even further and a further double zero slot was added to their version of the game, creating the most popular variant currently on the market. Before the double zero slot became as it is today, it originally featured an American Eagle to symbolise the independence of the country. However finding an original wheel with the Eagle present is nearly impossible these days as they have become extremely rare and collectable. By the 20th century there were two dedicated casino towns, Las Vegas offering double zero games and Monte Carlo offering single zero games although by 1970s casinos began to appear everywhere and flourish worldwide. Nowadays you’ll find games using a double zero wheel popular in America, Canada, the Caribbean and South American whilst the single zero wheel is still predominant across the rest of the playing world.

The online version of the popular table game came into being in the mid-1990s and has gone from strength to strength. The flexible and adaptable nature of technology means the range of online variants is almost infinite and many casinos offer exclusive versions available only at their site.  As computer graphics and software has developed, so has the range and quality of roulette available and now that original little wheel spun by Blaise Pascal is spinning virtually 24 hours a day somewhere in the world.